Riesling.It’s all about the fruit!
Riesling is a highly aromatic variety and is all about pure fresh fruit with no oak, low alcoholic levels or heavy tannins. It’s like biting into a perfectly ripe piece of fruit like a crisp, juicy Granny Smith apple. Intense fruit aromas should surge from the glass whilst a mosaic of flavours explode on your palate, followed by palate-cleansing acidity coupled with a delightful refreshing juiciness.

Riesling has more styles and combinations of characteristic profiles than any other wine. Some Rieslings are absolutely bone dry, with no discernible hint of sweetness. Others are off dry with a tinge of sugar and some are, when the climactic conditions are right; late harvested or, quite simply, sweet. The terms dry, off dry, and late harvest refer to the level of sweetness or residual sugar left behind in a specific style of wine. A wine is considered…

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